Consistent scale between projects with different resolutions?

Hey, all! I’m pretty new, so this might be an easy fix.

I’m working on game art and am designing my characters in a 1920x1080 project so that I can get a sense of how they’ll feel on screen. My actual sprites need to be exported at different image resolutions though (512x512 for my current character).

When I bring the character from one project to the other, it’s scaled according to the project resolution (the character takes up the same space relative to the grid in both projects), but the exported size is radically different.

Is there a built-in way for me to either match the actual size of the character between projects, or to just export a 512x512 image from a project?


Hi, I think the best way is to create a scene profile with your needs on Scene settings and change them when you’re exporting.

All the dimensions and positions are calculated on relation to the camera (-12 to 12 units by default).