Consistent Line Weight

Our studio recently completed a full season of an animated series in which the style calls for consistent line weights for every element of a shot (Characters, backgrounds, props, all of it!), similar to Family Guy or The Simpsons.

Regardless of the scale of the characters, all the elements of every shot stay at the same thin line weight.
When we used to use Adobe Animate, this was accomplished simply by setting the line scaling to “None,” but in Harmony, our process required us to select every drawing layer in a shot, then use one script to check Independent Scaling on, and another script to set all of them to scale proportionately. It worked, but it always struck me as a pretty complex solution (especially compared with Animate). Is anyone aware of a simpler way to do this? Thanks!

Could you please share the script for setting nodes to Scale Independent please? Right now the biggest time suck is having to manually change each node, i’ve been looking for a script for that purpose for ages!