Consistent Camera Size in Workspace

Is there a way to automatically keep the camera size locked to the same size in our workspace view? So while we work/step through panels it’s locked to a consistent size/position in workspace & not popping all over the place from shot to shot?

I see the value of working in a workspace view seeing the full canvas for large BG’s etc, but I’d like the option to toggle that on/off as I work and step through panels.

What version/build of Storyboard Pro are you using?

Workspace is what Toon Boom calls the StoryBoard Pro interface. So when you say workspace do you mean the Stage View (where your draw).

The camera size/view does not change unless it has been animated, so it shouldn’t be popping all over the place.

I’m working in SBP20.

Yes, I was referring to the “stage view” tab. I did try moving the camera which seemed to make each panel appear differently.

I now see in the “camera view” tab that I can flip through panels and they seem to remain consistent sizes. It seems that working in this view is more of what I was looking for. Just drawing on a consistent sized ‘panel’ regardless of what happened with the camera. I have a follow up but that’s another topic so I’ll mark this answered - Draw in the Camera View.

Thanks for the help!

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