Consistency with color gradients

Ok… so I got rid of the Cintiq …now back to the real stuff. I was looking at this book talking about animation techniques and it wrote about how you can create a 3D effect (or 2.5D) by using gradients colors.

I’m sure everyone here is well aware of this effect and how it can be used to create depth. However when I was trying this out I tried to lip sync the character and as I place my different mouth drawings in element before the head I see where gradients creates a problem with the end results when I use gradients.

Occasionally you can differentiate the mouth in the final product because althouth I use the same color swatch …the gradient doesn’t quite line up and makes things look a bit off! Its not the software or the computer I know …I’m just looking for suggestions on how I can work around this …and still make the final product look the way it looks when I use solid colors!!


Well I don’t think it is a magical solution but I guess you could play with the stroke tool and limit the area the gradient will be applied too (and maybe use both a linear and a radial gradient to fill in gap once you cut the area down the problematic zone with the stroke.

If you manage to match the gradients correctly between the different zone you should be able to get a pretty good sense of depth within the lips while keeping the consistency in the colors.

Can’t guarantee this is the perfect solution but I guess it is worth the try on 1 or 2 mouth shapes.

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i would love to see any 2d character which is being filled up with gradiant colours and producing 3d kind of look , then it be easy to discuss painting techniques :slight_smile: