Considering a switch, can TBA...

Currently I have Studio v 6, but am considering crossgrading to Animate… I’m curious, does Animate have a capability to temporarily link an item to a bone/layer/peg of a character?

For example, a character (bone or cutout) walks in a room, picks up an item from the floor, carries it, then throws it…

Does the movement of the prop require maticulous keyframing, is it done via the hand having additional cells (with the item), or is there a way to link it to something else, then unlink it?

you can use additional cells with the items. the video tutorials briefly mention doing that.

I figured this was how it was done… It’s how most apps do it, although I wish someone would take the initiative and introduce dynamic parenting…

Anyways, assuming this is the way to do it, how would that carried item be animated or manipulated? Twirling an unbrella, twirling a cane, peeling a banana, etc… ?

The way that we usually recommend that you do this is to create a new drawing in the hand layer that has the object in the hand, and then you can swap the drawing back to the empty hand when the object is let go.

There is no way to temporarily parent something. I suppose if you really wanted to do this, you could create a second layer that is a child of the hand layer, and only have the exposure on for the duration of the hold - but usually people just use a drawing swap for this.


Well it depends on the method used. If you use the drawing substitution method, then you would need to create a series of drawings.

If you use the method whereby you have a copy of the layer as a child, then you can simply animate it in the same way you would normally using your transform tool.

So it’s probably easier if you intend to animate the object in addition to parenting it to have a second layer that is a child of the hand layer and then use that layer with the transform tool.