Connecting Painted Zones!?

Is there a way to connect two separate painted zones?

You could just use the eraser tool to remove the dividing contour and refill them as a single zone. -JK

Hmm…erase the dividing contour!? Not exactly sure what your talking about from a visual point of view! Could you be a lil more specific! Yeah…logically using the eraser tool to connect two painted zones would make sense but occassionally I have tried erasing dividing contours lines (not exactly sure about the vocabulary there?) and I have found that the zones that I am painting do not join! Which leads me to another question! What exactly characterizes a closed zone in Toon Boom Studio Express!?

P.S.- Does anybody out there have a Toon Boom tech support contract? I was thinking about purchasing a tech support contract so I can communicate with tech support via the phone! I’d like to know some personal experiences (good or bad) that Toon Boom users had with Toon Boom tech support via the telephone.

when you click and hold on the black ‘select’ arrow in the left side palette, you can get to the tool ‘contour editor’ (white arrow).
if you then select the region you want to scrutiny, then you’ll see all the connecting lines.
thus you can say which areas are closed and which not.

the closed area has the line stroke (around it) closed. for the pencil line it’s the middle of the line, for the brush it’s either of the both line sides.

with the ‘paint’ tool select and hold, you can get to the ‘close gap’ to close the areas manually,
or you select from the main menu > tools > auto gap > (either of the three possibilities, for me ‘close medium gap’ works the best) to have it done automatically.

I am still not clear why certain zones don’t fill with color!!! There must be some sort of visual way to see gaps and know that they are indeed gaps! For instance when you have the ‘Show Strokes’ view enabled what are the little red and blue dots telling you!? From my experience I am led to believe that the red dots characterize a gap and the blue dots characterize a closed area between two different line segments! What is the deal though!? I don’t mean to sound angry but there must be a simple logic to closing gaps!

i had the same problem before i set the automatic gap closing to ‘close medium gap’ (main menu > tools). then the fills worked perfectly.

it’s because some inaccuracy is always here. before i did the above, i sometimes closed many areas manually twice, all along the whole outline, before it worked well with color fills.

i don’t know how accurate your drawings are, but any of the 3 gap-closing possibilities would surely work. just give it a try :wink:

I don’t know if you still are trying to solve the problem of joining two adjacent paint zones, but I have found an easy solution that I want to share. This situation can happen quite frequently where you have a paint zone that you “painted” and a second or more adjacent paint zones that you created and painted and then you decide you want them all to be a single paint zone.

The easiest way to merge adjacent paint zones is to first use the “unpaint” tool to do just that, which is to remove the current paint zone assigned color. Do this “unpaint” for each of the adjacent zones you want to merge. Then all you have to do is use the “paint” tool to lay down your desired color and it will be one single zone.

The one assumption here is that you actually are working with adjacent paint zones, which means they physically share some common contour border at some location. This is a great way to clean up those multi-paint zone issues that can occur as you work on or edit a drawing. -JK

Surely you can colour the different paint zones you want to merge all the same colour and then select and flatten or optimize (from the tools menu) them to make them one paint zone?