Connecting Image Capture Device

Please Help!
I am going to start doing stop motion but I can’t get the image capture working. When I plug my Lumix digital camera through the USB port to my MacBook Pro and dutifully open TBS, from the File Menu I click on Acquire and then I click on From Capture Device, the word Lumix appears, but when I click on it the little colour wheel rotates endlessly telling me to wait and that’s all that happens. The only way I can escape the scenario is to reboot. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to save me from my stupidity?
With many thanks for whatever help might be proferred…

Johnny Wales

Please note that not all cameras are supported with Toon Boom Studio.
If you have updated your camera drivers, rebooted and it still does not work, please use the integrated camera or a Logitec webcam.

Thanks very much for the reply. But do you really think I can’t use my Lumix digital camera? Is there a list somewhere of cameras I can use? I want to use a camera with much better quality, flexibility and mobility than a built-in one.
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P.S. Incidentally, what do you mean by ‘updating my camera’s drivers’?


I am still hoping to work out how to use my Lumix DMC-FZ28 in TBS, but in the event I can’t, I have been told a Logitec Web cam will work. Before I go to the expense of buying one,logitech does anyone know if that goes for all the models including the Logicool HD Pro Webcam C910? Logitech is called Logicool in Japan).


Usually web cams and dv-video recorders function well with stopmotion capture software. Still cameras is often more tricky.
Just to have an impression of what and how a camera works with your mac, you can visit the page of another stopmotion software Istopmotion.

There they explain latest camera-compatibility with latest mac osx versions.
It seems many softwares have a hard time following up mac’s changes in the operative system. This page also have a list of what cameras is working with their software. I checket your camera, and it will only give you direct import , but not livecapture or liveview in Istopmotion.
DV-videocameras with firewire is usually a good choice if you find the resolution high enough. Since you have a Macbook Pro, why not bring it with you to a shop or some friends and ask to try their cameras directly with TBS.

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Updating the drivers of your current camera can be done usually by going to the manufacturer’s website.

If your camera still does not work, it is probably not supported for TBS.
There is no existing list of supported cameras, however we suggest Logitech webcams as they have been proven to be without issues thus far.

For variations of the Logitech technology, you’re best bet would be to test it out.
Note that there are now very high quality Logitech webcams available.

Dear Ivor,
Thanks for your note. I will take your advice and take my computer to Akihabara (Electric Town) when I am in Tokyo next month and see if I can find a shop that will let me try out the Logitech HD camera in TBS. I will report back here if I have any luck.

update to the lateset version or change to the camera that support capture image under this situation.