connecting curve points

I am trying to connect deformation curves in harmony, but when I connect their x and y axes they are moving opposite directions. In a curve’s layer properties window there are two x axis and y axis columns. Only one of them has the connection option. How can I connect two curve points so that I can create more complex rigs.

You cannot connect one of the x and ys because they are for stationary position. They are the resting position of your structure. You can only keyframe the second set of parameters.

Did you check the tutorials for deformation already?

Thanks for your reply. I watched the tutorials. What I am trying to do is

connect deformation-B to deformation-C via kinematic output and connect “y” to “x” trough the share function so that when I move offset “h”, “y” also moves with “x”, but “z” stays where it is since it is connected to “t” already. Is it possible to do that? In this way we can create different hierarchies.

I can’t see it possible. At this point the changes in the deformation add one to the other as they go down the network. I think what you want is that you could have for example the foot stationary on the ground and move the hip with the deformation happening just to the leg part. The only way I can see this, would be to start with a root at Z and go up 2 curves to h. H not being an offset but the end of the second curve. That would permit to keep the foot on the ground while lowering the body/hip.

You could have 2 structure for the character. Pose 1 would go up from the ground and pose2 would come down from the center of the character. When you need to hold the foot on the ground you use pose 1 drawings and use the other in the other situation. I would copy the drawings of all the parts and then do the second pose with them. So when you drawing swap from first drawings to the second drawings the structure would automaticallyfollow.

I don’t know if that is what you are thinking about though.

I am looking forward to inverse kinematics functionality in deformation rigging in the next release of Harmony. Moreover connections between curve and bone points would be more flexible and allow script writing. For example in after effects puppet points can easily be connected so that complex rigging is possible.(including inverse kinematics). You can see a detailed rigging with puppet tools here
What I wanted to do is deform a drawing as a whole and also deform its outline with a separate curve system.
In this setup I parented “t” to “x”. I tried to connect “m” to “z” via share functions (which is impossible right now as you said in your answer). Unless I connect m to z, when I rotate from articulation point “y” the drawing is torn apart from point m.
Actually this type of rigging was unnecessary if there was point animation functionality in harmony. Point animation+deformation is the most powerful combination in this type of animation because you can manipulate the drawing in two unrelated and qualitatively different ways. You can manipulate the outlines in one system(point animation) and manipulate the whole body with the other(deformation system)and this can be used in very elaborate designs and animations. I hope that point animation system will be implemented in the next release of harmony. Many thanks.

It is something that we are looking into. Probably not for the next release though. Next one will concentrate on 64 bit support.