connect several nodes in the network

There must be a way to connect, say 10 selected nodes to one other node in one go rather than dragging the link for each individual node one by one. What shortcut do I have to hold down?

Method A: You can group multiple modules then connect the group to a module.

Method B: You can also hold the Alt key down and drag a module across a connecting cable between two modules to insert it between the two. To do this with more than one module at a time you first group the collection then drag the group to the cable while holding the Alt key.

In both cases you can ungroup the collection after and retain the connections.

What you intend to achieve by connecting multiple modules will factor into this.

Grouping Modules:|Toon%20Boom%20Animate%20Pro%203%20User%20Guide|Chapter%2010%3A%20Scene%20Setup|Setting%20Up%20the%20Network|Network%20Navigation%20and%20Basic%20Rules|_____2