connect animate pro to database .

Hello , i am just wondering , if it is possible to connect animate pro to harmony database .
thanks . ;D

i don’t think so, you need harmony standalone.

The best way to get answers to harmony questions is contact support as they prefer to handle support privatly for it.

Thanks , I was just curious after i heard this "for large scale production such as features or TV series, connect toon boom animate pro to the harmony solution to benefit for high speed scanners ".

that sounds interesting.

Where did you read that?

As far as i was aware harmony and animate pro don’t play nice.

I heard this in animate pro take a tour

in the scanning video .

besides this icon make me curious to know .

I would love to know the answer to that - this has been a mini-cause for me to get AP and Harmony to talk to each other. We use Harmony and I’ve found it to be nearly identical to AP, yet if a freelancer sent us a file in AP we would not be able to open it in Harmony. Seems silly to me and could potentially hamstring us in the future. Please post up what you hear if you end up contacting support.

Yes, if you are connected to your workplace network that runs harmony, when you launch animate pro, it will recognize that the harmony server is running and will launch with the harmony stage mode to give you the option to work in standalone mode or connect to the database. You preferences will not be transferred to your network user account. If you know where the pref file is on your local machine, you can copy it to your harmony user account on the database (if you know where its located and you have user permissions to do so).

I’m not sure if animate will do this but the Pro version will.

Thanks for the info .
I think this will solve the problem of opening harmony scene in Animate pro .
Thank you again.

I must correct myself because this is not longer an option as I know it. As of version 7.91 (Animate Pro V2) , the network server connection has been completely severed and if I’m understanding this correctly, the Animate Pro 2, and the yet to be released Harmony version 9, the scene data from Animate Pro and Harmony will no longer be compatible…but I am going to confirm this because it really doesn’t make sense to me.

The reason is that they want larger studios and productions to use Harmony instead of Animate Pro. It makes more sense because of the the add features of Harmony and they will also customize Harmony and add features as requested by Clients. They will also provide standalone licenses for freelancers on their clients projects if they do not already own Animate Pro.

It’s much easier to manage a single network license server and data then it is to manage standalone animate pro licenses and a projects scenes data being spread out on a bunch of machines and buried in an any of the many folders of these machines.

Simple question: is there a reason to choose Animate Pro over Harmony standalone? At this point, if a freelancer were to tell me that they were thinking of getting Animate Pro I would steer them toward Harmony, so that there money would be well-spent (meaning they could work and get paid by us). The Harmony pricing is a well-kept secret, so I don’t know how much of a contributing factor that is…

The thing is a lot of freelancers I would assume are guys that do what you say make one man projects and the company sees and likes that then deciedes they might be useful.

If Harmony standalone is indeed the recommended way to go instead of pro why would you not advertise it?

Thanks for the straightforward answer Lily! Now when I’m asked I’ll tell them to give you guys a holler about Harmony. I’ll cosign on Raider’s question though - I know it’s scary for them because when you don’t see a price on the menu you assume you can’t afford to eat that meal.

I can confirm that there is no longer a compatibility between Animate Pro and Harmony. Now what you can do is use a version of Harmony called Harmony Standalone that will be able to work offline only if you’re a freelancer. By having a Harmony Standalone license, you’re buying into not only the feature developments for Harmony, but also into the ability to plug into the pipeline. If you’re a freelancer just email in to and they can discuss the options with you.

Animate and Animate Pro are meant only for single-users that are working on individual projects, and these products are not well-suited to the studio environment or to interfacing with the studio environment.

Thank you for pointing out the inconsistency in the video tutorials and these tutorials have been updated to reflect the current pipeline.


As far as I’m concerned, no, there’s no reason to choose Animate Pro over Harmony Standalone if you’re a freelancer. The type of production that Animate Pro is designed for is for simple, one-man projects, like for example webisodes or animation shorts. Once you start working with multiple people on a project, it’s always better to go with Harmony.


Good points on all counts and I’ll pass on your comments. Of course you can always send an email to to get the opinion of the sales people as well before you make your decision on which product to buy.