Congratulations to the MyouterSpace Grand Winner

Congratulations to the Grand Winner Jeremy Appleman! First Runner up Cristina Zoica Dumitru, Peter Ryan and the Rest of the Finalists.

They where all great, here’s how I had it:

1.The Trouble with Shatners - I really like the smooth animation, which had nice subtle anticipation, great artwork and concept.

2.Walk and Talk - The Animation fit the art style, plus nice camera work.

3.Green Gas - This looked like something you’d see on TV.

Congrats again and what a way to close out a year huh? ;D

Thanks, Alex! My entry was Green Gas. So it “looked like what you’d see on TV”? Really? I am flattered! ::slight_smile:

I’m happy with how the results came out. All I really wanted was the software. I think Jeremy was the best candidate for the job as he showed a lot of drive and innovation. Walk and Talk by Christien was my second choice as it looked very professional.

Yes sir Mr Zebtoonz, this and all of your work has a Professional look to it in my opinion. I just spent a couple minutes looking over your work on youtube and enjoyed every minute of it.

It kind of got me fired up to getting back to work again. I haven’t done much due to the holidays and just decided to step away for a while.

Congrats, on getting Animate Pro2, and Happy New year!

Thanks again, Alex! I’m looking forward to see what you produce! Animation is kind of like deciding to climb a mountain. You know it will be a lot of hard work, but the final result will be breathtaking!

Grats on the win. I’m curious: how long did this take you from start to finish?

It took me four days from start to finish. For one, I had other projects that had deadlines so I couldn’t take much time. I also had the experience of investing a lot of time into another contest and then the disappointment of not getting into the finals for all my hard work.

Aside from that, I tried to keep it simple. I felt there were three things I needed to major on. First was the concept, how I was going to visualize the audio with something that made sense and was interesting and hopefully funny. The second was the art. If the art is poorly designed and unattractive nobody wants to watch it. And third was the animation. I set up the captains chair to have rotating lights and ellipses at the bottom along with a slight up and down motion. All three of those elements were simply set to loop. Then all I had to do was the lip synch and actions of Shatner and the beasty at the end.

I recorded extra sound effects with my mouth and the background zip fades were something I had learned on other animations. I really should have put a motion blur on the chair and animated the beasty more, but, like I said, I didn’t want to put more time into this.

So where is the link so I can watch these fabulous films??

Here’s the link to the winning clip. You can find more if you browse the videos on the MyOuterSpace channel.