Confusing Storyboard Pro Lessons [Panels vs. Scenes vs. Sequences]

I’ve been an animator for a long time but I really enjoyed learning some story boarding in college so I wanted to get back into it. I really like the Toon Boom Learn Courses. They are really great for me. I’m currently working on the Storyboard Pro - Storyboard Foundation Course which is going really well!

But I reached the section on Panels today and I encountered what I think is a typo. But it really confused me and as I continued the lesson I got even more confused because i was messing up things in my own head. Because there was nowhere to really report an issue with one of the courses I thought I would post here to see if I could get my definitions sorted out and maybe get the module fixed?

So in the first module (about the Storyboard Structure ) of the Panels section of Storyboard Foundations, the first quiz question reads:

How are sequences visually represented?

I thought the correct answer was “a blue line connects the scenes in a sequence together”.

I was wrong so I re-read the lesson and I believe the question was supposed to be How are scenes visually represented? because the correct answer was “A grey rectangle connects the different panels of a scene together.”

Please let me know if I was actually correct in thinking that sequences are connected by the blue line and scenes represented by a grey rectangle behind them.

I’m also having trouble understanding the difference between Acts and Sequences. Sequences are scenes that are shot/drawn in the same location. Acts are based on story arcs in your story. So if I have a story that has multiple scenes and sequences that are shot over many locations but the Acts don’t change necessarily until my story takes a turn. Is that okay? Or are Acts in story boarding based solely on location? And if so how do you tell the difference between an Act vs Sequence?

If this isn’t the right place for this let me know! Thanks all :smiley: