Confused about all the products

I can’t be the only one that finds all the products confusing. There’s so many. Finding a comparison chart requires some google skills. When you get to the comparison chart, you can’t select products to compare, you’re just given a selection of ‘pro’ products.
What’s worse, the features are defined by a STAR… that’s right. So, what is the actual difference between 1star and 2stars for the ink and paint tool.

Hopefully someone here can help.
Basically, I’m looking for a traditional 2d animation style program. Not interested at all in Tweening, lip syncing, 3d or particles.
I just need an exposure sheet, layers, audio, timeline and a BRILLIANT inking tool. Like Autodesk Sketchbook Pro good.

Animate Pro looks good, but it’s waaaay to expensive for the features I’ll use.

Animate could be the way to go, but are the inking tools better in another of the hundreds of applications that toonboom offer, for cheaper? Like ToonBoom studio, pencilcheck pro or Storyboard or flip boom cartoon or flip boom doodle or comic boom or animation-ish or … so many products.

Thanx in advance

oh wow, i didnt realise each product seems to have it’s own forum. eheh this is brilliant. This business is like a maze.

This is not my day.

I guess I’ll ask in each forum…

Hi tropt

TB Pencilcheque Pro could be a good choice. Like Autodesk Sketchbook Pro the interface is simple and all about drawing. Of the features you emphasize the only thing missing is timeline. Pencilcheque Pro is based on using the exposure sheet where you can: import sound, annotate and see audio waveforms . The software also have the fantastic TB adjustable colorswatch system that aloud you to adjust colors after the are applied. It has a model sheet for coloring and stay on model. ++++
It also support scanning and the use of camera capture.
It is very nice for drawing directly in the software. Each layer have a line and color sublayer option. Which make sure line and colorfill will follow each other when adding deleting frames +++.

I use it when I have to draw a lot in search for the final shapes.
The program create “double set” of files that allows you to open projects in Animate Pro for further refinement.
Here is the link to the feature page where you also can download a trial:

Best regards