Conforming a storyboard to and from Adobe Premiere

I’ve read that it is possible to conform a storyboard to Final Cut Pro and back again, but is it possible to do this with Premiere as well?In the editing process, the director has been adding new panels and changing panels straight into the edit. How would this affect the conform? If the new material is sent along with the resulting xml, can it also be incorporated into the original Storyboard Pro project?

Thank you for that information. And am I right in thinking that SBPro will only talk to Final Cut version 6?Also, what would happen to those extra panels that have been inserted at the edit stage? Would bringing the xml back into SBPro simply leave a blank of the right length where the new panel could be imported manually? Or would it cause the import to fail?

Right now this feature only works with Final Cut Pro. You can do a File > Export > EDL/AAF/XML and this can be brought into Premiere, however any changes that you make there cannot be brought back into the software again.

With Final Cut, you would use the File > Conformation > Export Project, then Import Animatic when you’re ready to come back in. Changes that will be recognised from Final Cut would be adjustments made to timing, camera movements, panels that have been rearranged. Transitions and the such that we don’t have in our software will not be recognised.

Hope this helps.


If you’re working with Final Cut and you do a Conformation Export (instead of an Export to XML) then you can do edits and bring it back in. If you adjust the timing in Final Cut, when you bring the animatic back in, it will also adjust the panels in your Storyboard file. You can even rearrange panels and it will rearrange them in your Storyboard file.

And yes you’re correct it works with Final Cut 6.