conformation issue

I am testing the ‘conformation’ feature for our production and I have exported my SBP4 project and XML without problem but am running into problems as soon as I try to import this into FinalCutPro (5.1.2). First when I tried a standard XML import , I received a message "Please select a translation document’. I have nothing for this (what is a translatiion document?) and the import fails. I have also tried using the Automatic Duck Pro-Import plugin to import the SBP XML file, this also fails. (I am unable to attach the XML output from SBP4 to this post).
Any suggestions on what I may be doing wrong? Are there any other XML types supported by SBP4?
( I have already tried all the usual Automatic duck translators in every EDL/AAF/XML combination that I could think of without luck)
Any suggestions will be gratefully received!