conflicting layer order

Hi, I am fairly new to Animate Pro. When breaking down a character, I put front view and side view of any particular object in different cells of the same layer, just as in the tutorial. How do you go about when in front view layer A needs to be on top of layer B, and in side view, layer B needs to be on top of layer A?

The way forward is to create a keyframe on the peg that controls the position of the drawing, in the first frame of the pose, and selecting the peg in the camera view, push up or down the drawing using the alt + up or down arrow to change the z peg position. It´s necessary that the camera window be selected (red outline) to proceed in this manner.
The peg keyframe fix these z value until the next keyframe to be created.
Another way is to open the Data View button (upper in the left section of the timeline) and assign to peg a position z value negative or positive, or open the Layer Properties pannel and making the change there. I hope my answer will be easy to understand you. Regards.