Confetti particle example.

How do I make the confetti particles emanate from behind a drawing object. The drawing is above the confetti in the timeline and network, but the particles are still on top of it.

Thanks :slight_smile:

If you watch the confetti on the Perspective view you see it spreads on the Z axis. I guess you can make the particles flat somewhere on the settings, but it might be easier just to go to the Side or Top views and use the Mantain Size tool to pull your drawing object near the camera until it covers all the confetti. You can also use a cutter to cut the confetti with the drawing.

Luis Canau

Is there an option to make the drawing object collide with the particles?

Yes, both the confetti and the bouncing-balls particle examples are good to experiment with. There’s a Bounce module to which you can connect a Planar-Region. You can define the shape of the region or input an image to the module’s left port. You can select the Planar-Region module and click on the Show Control icon to see the shape on the camera view. Then you can move the region with the peg or change the shape of the region to see how it influences the particles.

Luis Canau

Thanks so much!