Computer resets and licenses

So I ended up having to reset my computer two days ago. I didn’t really have a chance to return the license before that.
Now I’m in this place where I can’t use toonboom because my license is attached still attached to… well the same computer but before factory reset.
Ummm, I’m really not even sure where to start with this, hopefully support can just return my license remotely or something.

Yeah thanks in advanced

Same problem Here. Still waiting for a response. Very bad customer-service :frowning:

Just email toonboom support and tell them that happened. I had the same probem when my SSD died and they reset it manually and i was able to activate without issue.

yeah I started this thread because I’ve gotten no response from support so far

How did you contact support?

You need to email for this.
They can help to recover the license.

THANK YOU! yeah before now I was just filling out support forms but this got the problem fixed over night .
Thanks again!

What was the answer? I´m having the same problem!! I sent an email to this address but they didn´t answerd yet…