Computer for Toon Boom Animate

Hey people I’m recently in the market for a new computer to run Toon Boom Animate 1 (I’m not sure if it’s free to upgrade to Animate 2 or not).

Anyway I’m thinking of going with the 27" i7 iMac, however I was wondering if 4GB of RAM would be enough? I was thinking of upgrading to 8GB but am worrying if it would be overkill. I usually don’t create too many layers and instead just separate things simply by foreground and background so I’m not sure if that’s a factor.

Also are there any benefits from working on OSX instead of Windows? Does Grand Central Station help a lot?

Any comments would be great, thanks. :slight_smile:

You can’t upgrade to 2 for free.

There definitly wouldn’t be any advantages over the PC version. The software should work the same in both. However with a PC you are obviously more compatable with many more programs.

Obviously pro PC :smiley:

I’m running Animate 2 on Mac OS 10.6 (Snow Leopard) and Windows 7 computers. In the past, there may have been some advantage to using the Mac for “graphics” programs, but certainly not anymore.
If anything, I find the PC preferable since the Adobe products work so much better on that platform.

Well, even as a long time Mac user, I would fully agree…

On the other hand the 27” 2.8GHz Quad-Core i7 iMac would be more than capable
of running any Application… (a “Dream-Machine” that even outperforms some Mac Pro’s)

I guess, “Grand Central” hasn’t developed to its full potential yet…?
(but will finally get there…?)

Not to mention how many Applications are able to take full advantage of “Hyper-Threading”,
or running in 64 bit mode yet…?)

Animate 2 for example is just starting to utilize 4 cores, doesn’t matter how many you have
(you would be perfectly set up to take advantage of that)

I would recommend going with 8GB of RAM (2x4GB)…
This keeps the opportunity to install another 8GB at any time…

At the moment 32 bit Applications are just capable of utilizing 4GB of RAM at the most,
but that will change when more and more Applications going 64 bit…

Personally the “glossy widescreen” would be the only reason to object to…


  • So in short there aren’t any differences between Mac and PC.

    - I should upgrade to 8GB of RAM but mainly for future support?

    Okay so how do I upgrade from Animate to Animate 2?

    Is it even worth it to upgrade? Should I just wait because Animate 3 will be out next year?

8 gb ram mainly depends on other applications your running.

Email support, but upgrading is considerably cheaper than buying the actual product.

Animate 2 was only just released so to be hoping for 3 in less than a year is wishful thinking.

As for being worth the upgrade, I think they have a product comparsion on the Animate 2 page so you can see what has changed. It really depends on your workflow.

You can always try out the ple for free.

Toon Boom Animate and Logic Pro are the only professional Applications I run. Is 8GB worth the upgrade?

Also does Animate 1 not utilize 4 cores? If I have a quad core computer should I buy Animate 2? I looked at the added features and
nothing caught my eye. I mean sure there’s faster rendering but isn’t that always the case?

Finally I thought ToonBoom updated their products every year?

The iMac would be a great machine for you.

I can’t believe there are people still thumping their chest over Mac or PC or which one is better. Of course, there is nothing stopping you from putting Windows on your Mac too, and having the best of both worlds and be able to use ALL of the software. Try that you PC weenies :wink:

I would recommend keeping current with the upgrades. Companies tend to penalize the users and make them pay more if they skip versions. It is cheaper in the long run to just upgrade with each new release. That has been my experience with many different software companies.

Thanks for the advice.

About the upgrade though, the thing is that the cheapest version of Animate 2 online, is the full version (academic discount).

If you already have a copy of Animate 1, then you can purchase an upgrade to Animate 2 through the online store. If you have questions about the new features, then feel free to email and they can answer your questions about the upgrade as well as the pricing.

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