Computer Crashed finally, bought new computer and an not Activate

I am not able to deactivate on old crashed system, in order to install my ToonBoom Studio 5 on my new system, what do I do? If I try without deactivating, to activate, it tells me I have exceeded my limit of install, yet I only ever installed on my own crashed system twice (one other time I was able to bring back to life before it ultimately crashed and became inaccessible just before Christmas). I now bought a beautiful new system over the holidays and was looking forward to using ToonBoom Studio 5 on my new system, but am blocked from activating. I sent in a service email and have heard nothing from them in over a week.

Email your explanation to, they should be able to assist you.

I did, but the mail I used was, I also cc’d Hopefully one or both will respond to my problem. Thanks!

ToonBoom support/registration were great, and helped me rectify my problem!! They were prompt, courteous and solved my problem expediently via email, and the use of the email registration vehicle.