Computer Anger

This is for those who hate computers; or for those who want to laugh at me. Computers and anger do not do well together. I actually had to hang a sign on the side of my computer that reads: “Really Really important, DO NOT SMACK COMPUTER! >:(” because it restarts when I do, just from repeated hits to the same location. Remember, computers do not have nerves, the only thing you’re going to hurt by hitting them is you, I know all about that too, busted my hand up pretty good earlier this year when I punched the corner of my PC’s tower. Dislocated one finger and broke another, I would not recomend that, nor would I recomend relocating the finger by yourself, enough said. I don’t know if anyone else is actually this bad with computers but they’re not for everyone. Just remember this one Ctrl + S, every time you make a change in the computer that you like, and you’ll be fine.