compression setting for exporft to AVI

Hi, I have TBS 4. Recently I played around with the program’s compression settings to AVI. It was interesting to see the results, but I noticed that I had lost the Cinepak setting. It’s just plain gone. I have all the other settings, but Cinepak, which is the most compacted export for AVI, has simply disappeared. I have the TBS4 CD, so I un-installed & re-installed the program. While I was surprized and happy to see my custom screen back intact and all my templates preserved (relieved really), I was disappointed that whatever I had done to make the Cinepack option disappear was also preserved. Am I to go without recourse to Cinepak? Does anybody have any idea what I might do to get the option back?
Thanks, Neal

Neal here again. I have to answer my own question since I just figured this out. I guess it helps to just frame the question. Anyway, for anybody who’s wondered about this, Cinepak is the Default setting for export to AVI, so all anybody has to do is choose Default, and Cinepak re-appears as an option. You could say that choosing Default is choosing Cinepak and choosing any other option makes Cinepak disappear until you choose Default. Simple.

Neal, I had the same issue and was very confused…you answered it for me, so thanks!