compress final swf?

I’m putting an animation I created in toonboom online but the file takes over 2 minutes to load once online. The swf is about 2 1/2 mins long at 13MB. Is that typical or kind of bloated?

There are a bunch of images imported into the file which I’ve tried creating them as small as possible in photoshop first, but so far that hasn’t helped too much.

Are there any other ways within toonboom to compress the file at all? Or even outside of toonboom to compress the final swf without decreasing the quality too much.

I imported the file into adobe flash and saved the swf through that and somehow got the size down to 2.4MB (from 13MB) It seems to be working at the same quality, so I’m kind of confused as to why that worked. -at least it did though, so I’m not complaining.