Comprehensive tutorial?

Hi all,
I just bought TBS 7.1 and am very excited to create some animations. I have the beginner training videos and the bone tutorial videos for v7. The woman who did the bones tutorial was excellent btw.
My question is…is there a comprehensive tutorial series that deals with creating a character in TBS, say from manipulated shapes, then either rigging or adjusting the pivot points for animation, and then actually animating a scene of either a walk, jump, facial animation by swapping images, etc…?
I come from animating characters in Maya and I am having a little trouble understanding the workflow of TBS. I understand it is more traditional in nature, and I love that, but its a little different coming from my previous experience. Any help / guidance would be greatly appreciated.


Did you had a look at the “Toon Boom Studio Resources” website ?:

Otherwise, check out “JK’s” excellent articles “Cartooning in Toon Boom”:

Or, “CartoonSmart’s Studio Character Design Package”:


Thanks again Nolan. I just bought the Tony Ross videos. They look like the will do the trick…for now.

Thanks again!