I don’t know if this is against the rules to post. But if it is please remove it Lilly.

I am looking at ways to change my left and right cameras into color anaglyphs.

I need the software to be able to adjust channel levels (remove red and remove blue/green) and then use the screen mode. Yes not much I know but I can’t find anything to do it. (preferablty one you can just important the frames as images rather than videos cause it will be higher quaility)

I know aftereffects can do this, but are there any cheaper options? Currently I use ulead video studio which works great for me (since I pretty much have finished videos from toonboom so it is really as simple as joining them together). I looked at the cheap cut down version of sony Vegas but the screen mode has been removed.

So does anyone have any options? what do you guys use?

hey Raider-
I use Blender for this kind of stuff It actually has a pretty nice node based compositor built in. It also has a video editor and I think you could do what you need either through the compositor or the editor.

Here’s a nice video introduction to Blender’s compositor to give you an idea

I have to say Blender is a bit daunting when you first fire it up but at least for me learning this app has really paid off and it’s free! I do almost all of my work with Animate & Blender.