Compositing Software?

Hi folks,
So I was curious to see what compositing software you all were using for your projects, and how you were liking your choices! (I searched forums for this but didn’t come up with much.)

I realized recently when drooling over the idea of an iPad(unnecessary) that I had not put serious editing software on my system yet for my project (very necessary). I don’t have tons of $$$, but I can spring for Final Cut X or Premier (I really wish I was a student right now…). I have Logic for music/sfx, so Final Cut Pro would integrate well there, but I hear more effusive praise for Adobe these days, especially among animators.

So what are you using? And is it good?

I use sony vegas pro now (cause of work) and it is pretty decent and the price isn’t too bad.

It really depends what you expect from your software and what features you will actually use.

I use Sony Vegas Pro as well and am very happy with it. For audio I use Audacity which is freeware.

Since you appear to be on a Mac I would definitely suggest either Final Cut Pro or Premiere Pro. Personally, I really love using Premiere Pro, but if that’s too expensive you might consider Premiere Elements. Trial versions are available on the Adobe site:

I’m using Vegas 11 I think. It was pretty cheap and was the only software that imported my quicktime files that Animate exports to without any hassle. The only draw back I’m having with it is, I animate in 12fps and there’s no good render options for that. There’s either a drag, or a “ghost” behind characters when they move. The best I came up with was disabling the re sample on scenes I do not wish to have that ghost drag. Any advice would be great. Would love to not have to move to 24fps :wink:

Ronnie, I don’t have a solution for your ghost problem but, why don’t you want to work at 24 fps? It’s kind of the industry standard for animation. I believe I started out at 15 fps and something like 640x480 or something like that. But I soon switched to 24 fps and 1280x720 or larger after I began getting more professional and getting jobs and all. The software does all the inbetweens for you unless you are doing frame by frame animation. If so, and you want to animate on twos, just draw a new frame for every 4 frames at 24 fps–it comes out the same.

I work at 12fps for a few different reasons. The main one is last valentines day we had that contest with flip boom. I used the medium speed and the results worked out very well. I researched and found it was 12fps, so in my mind it was like, “Hey it looks good still, why not?” And it does always look good still, in the quicktime file that’s exported from Animate.

It just seems like 24fps is SO FAST. I’m relatively new to all this, the technical parts of animating. So… yeah. I suppose learning to adjust to 24fps would be a good idea. SHOULD make the animation smoother and get rid of my problems with the third party software. You think? You can watch one of my videos below. This was done in Vegas with the disabled re-sample on every scene. It’s okay still but you’ll notice there is a drag when the characters move their heads. Before it would show the ghost I was talking about, which was all the past frames.

I think going to 24 fps will definitely help. The clip you had looked okay as far as the ghosting thing. Perhaps there is a problem with the render settings in Vegas. They have all kinds of settings you need to be mindful of and, if you work at 12 fps in TB, then you have to make sure you do your Vegas render at the same rate.

I really don’t think it’s any more work to do things at 24 fps. I mean, you put a keyframe here and a keyframe there and an ease in here and an ease out there. It’s all the same.

Just use 2 frames per drawing and you have 12fps at 24fps :slight_smile:

Wow…that just “clicked” in my head. Awesome. Thanks!