compositing inside a flat 2d image

I have a background 2d image of train seats. Is there a way to place a character inside the image without the character “going” through the image in 3d space? It’s a flat image. I want to move the character into a seat…kind of yanking my hair out. Sorry - really new to Harmony.

If I were to have a go at this idea I would take the image into image editing software like Photoshop and create layers from the image. Given the train seating I would isolate portions with a selection tool then copy and paste them into new image layers with transparent backgrounds. Ultimately I would want to end up with layers that an animated character could move behind as I reduced the character’s size lending to the illusion of moving back into 3D space.

You would end up with a minimum of three layers and probably more representing multiple rows of seats if the character was to move all the way to the back of the train. The foreground would be the closest seats on each side of an isle. Middle ground would be the midrange seating. The background logically being the farthest area that would always appear to be behind the character. The isle would be a neutral zone where I would rely on the seating layers and reduction of the character’s size to contribute the illusion that it was a space that could be traversed in Z space.

I would animate the camera and take advantage of the depth of field, layers shifting at varying rate according to their position in Z space. I would also use a little depth of field/focal point blur or at least experiment and see if it added something constructive to the illusion.