Composite with Peg Input

Is there a way for me to use a peg on a Composite (Mode: Pass Through) ?

seems like it would be a great node to have for performance reasons

that and being able to turn custom node groups into “symbols”/“custom nodes” that i could re-use without making hard copies

You can’t connect a peg directly to the composite, but you can connect it to one or many layers connected to the same composite, and you can group those layers with the composite. The peg will affect the group/layers independently of the group being set for bitmap or pass-through - the difference is mainly that the layers will not be flattened, retaining their own Z position if you set it for pass-through. The peg can be inside the group (connected to all layers) or outside (connected to the group module).

You can copy all types of layers and groups into the library to reuse them as you want.

Luis Canau

i recently did a whole tutorial on Pegs:

hope it helps!

Thank you Luis and Frank

this is the closest i’ve got

Thanks for the Awesome Tutorials Frank !