Composite type "Pass through" necessary?

In the video tutorials it suggests that characters be grouped with their own composite and the composite type be “pass through.” I think there is some remark that you need to do this in order for the character to be able to interact with other drawing layers, or something like that. Is that true?

In general, once I have a character setup and rigged, I select all the elements, add a master peg and then select the “Group selection with composite” option. This makes it one tidy little folder and a single item in my network which is very nice for a scene that has several characters and for dragging and adding to the library. When a group is created this way the composite is automatically set as Bitmap. So, should I go into the group and reset the composite to pass through?

I see. Thanks for explaining it to me, Lily!

When you do a composite as bitmap, what it does is it flattens all the layers together at that point. You would want to do composite as pass-through if you want to do things like highlights and tones on the characters. If you don’t mind that it’s flattening the character at that point in time, then you can leave it as a bitmap.


You’re welcome!