Composite Multi-layers to Single Layer

Hi Guys,

I am looking for a way to composite several drawing layers into one drawing layer for further editing later. I also want to save the multi layers I have since editing them would be easier than having to fix anything with the composite layer.

any ideas on the best method to accomplish this?

Not sure if I understand right but if you are trying to merge multiple vector images into new vector images you can do this in the Network view.

- You need to make sure all the layers are vector (not bitmap images or effects on them).
- you plug them into a Composite that you set to As Vector
- finally set the Write module to output in TVG format.

This will create a sequence of TVG (vector files) images in the Frames folder of the scene. Then you can import them in any scene you want. You would still have your individual layers and these new merged images.

Steve you are a saint! This is exactly what I needed to know, thanks for the assistance.