Complex TBS 8.1 project running slow on Surface Pro - suggestions?

Everything was going great and now all of a sudden I’m getting very sluggish performance–takes about 5 seconds to change tools, go full screen, etc. I’m guessing that the Surface Pro just can’t handle TBS one a project gets to a certain level of complexity, but maybe someone can point me to settings, or tips (turning off layers?) that can help performance.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Have been trying a bunch of stuff with no luck, but then turned off onion skin and this helps quite a bit.

Would still love some tips on how to optimize for a lower powered machine, for instance the settings in Edit/Preferences/Display

It started bogging down again so I switched to OpenGL renderer which is helping.

I guess this is an extreme edge case? Nobody out there?

I notice that if I draw continuously and do not allow Studio to render the working display of artwork it gets progressively slow. Eventually the mouse cursor lags so far behind that I am forced to pause and give the software a chance to catch up. When I say render I mean the onscreen antialiasing after the initial jagged strokes (not to be confused with the “Smoothing” setting of the line properties).

I have Animate Pro 3 (purchased) and Animate 3 PLE. I do not experience this sluggish performance at the Animate level. I think the problem with Studio is in the area of having too much potential while not having enough performance optimization.