complex, fuller lipsynch?

I’m taking a serious look at Toon Boom to try and get Flash out of my life. The main thing I’m running up against is TB’s very different handling of lipsynch.

Is there any way to use the auto lipsynch as a starting point, to have more complex, fuller lipsynch than the Seven Generic Limited Animation Mouths? For instance, I just did a piece in Flash that was synched to a song; when the singer held a phoneme, I had about 3-4 variants of that mouth that I’d jitter between to keep it more alive, and mirror her vibrato. My explorations so far don’t show any way to have a wider set of mouth drawings than A-G, X. I’m used to having anywhere from 4-12 mouth drawings in a nested symbol for any head I lipsynch, depending on what I need to do.

I’m also trying to figure out how to use my very ad-hoc methods of synchronization, where I pretty much just throw the audio onto a layer and start pushing frames around, scrubbing the playhead around or quickly playing bits. TB seems to only want to play back my drawings with sound by going through the entire “export” process; my animation habits are really formed around instant feedback and tweaking.

Any pointers would be appreciated, as I’m really tired of Flash’s bugs and terrible interface - but my work habits are really built around these two things!

Hi there,

The lip-synch can indeed be used as a good starting point. Although, be aware that if you try to lip-synch to a full song the module will take in consideration the background instrument which will cancel the use of the automatic function.

In any case, the main idea would be to first use the automatic lip-synch function to do a draft of your synching. Then, go in Play menu and Turn Sound Playback On and go in the Play menu again to Turn Sound Scrubbing On. This way you will be able to use the timeline scrubbing to do your mouth change.

Next important feature would be the Cell tab. In the cell tab, which will appear anytime you select a drawing in the Timeline or the Exposure sheet, you will be able to do quick cell swapping using the slider. This will change in between all the shapes present in the current drawing element. Also, be aware that even though they are not displayed in your project, all the shapes you have created are contained in the cell tab so you can create all of your shape before starting the lip-synch and remove their exposure once the designing is done.

I guess that sums it up pretty well. If you have any further questions about advanced lip-synching make sure to post them.

Best regards,


Thanks! I figured it was doable; I just hadn’t found those menu items yet. I’ll know where to look when I do my next go at figuring out the way Toon Boom expects me to think. I’ve been crippled by all these years of Flash. sigh