Completely lost

i love toon boom but i feel like its one step forward 10 step back, because everytime i copy a image to draw on it it effect all the images before it, or when i use animation it effects all my other cells, would love help how to do them seperately without making another element

Not sure if I understand correctly but there is difference between clone and duplicate that are used on different situation. Although would like to have some example and more information to understand the situation better.

I think what i want is to know if a copy or paste tool exist, because in some scenes i need to use the same character in more than one scene the problem i have with this is when i do make a copy i need to change the character in a view ways, but when i do it effects all other drawing i did of him in other frames

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I have seen it done in video tutorials and also described as an option but not demonstrated in other video tutorials so yes there is Copy/Paste capability. However, it only works under certain circumstances. I am new to TB as well and I cannot tell you more than this. I encourage you to watch videos online and search the User Manual for information. When I tried it it did not work.

I have found that you have to watch for every detail in videos. Something may not be verbalized like a sequence that is extremely important and I guess people either don’t realize they are doing something and not describing it or they think people already know it. I am speaking of tutorial videos made by users not pros. I do not believe there are any professional tutorials on Youtube for Studio and there may be only one or two that you can buy but they cost half the price of Studio.

The manual is not the most informative and available video tutorials are not abundant for Studio. This is just one other reason I am quickly moving onto Animate level. There is much more to learn from beyond Studio. I believe I will advance quicker even though there is more to learn and a steeper learning curve doing so.