Completely Cuckoo Animation

Hi, Tooners-

This has nothing to do with Toon Boom (except that it could have been done using TBS), but it is a wonderful example of relative simple art, merged with a rich imagination and some delightful music.

The animation is based on Stephen Coates composition under the same title. This film is about The Great Revolution of the British Cuckoos, who bravely took over London, forcing all the people to move inside the cuckoo clocks.

Animation by
Aleksey Budovsky

The music was created by the group “(The Real) Tuesday Weld” a couple of years ago, sampled from a wonderful old Mills Brothers song.

Such an entertaining piece, thanks for sharing it Elwood.

I love Budovsky’s work. He’s got that one and one or two others on a DVD called “Avoid Eye Contact”, which features animation by a number of NYC animators–Pat Smith, Bill Plympton, and many others. Different styles, different methods, and different subjects, but a great study.

They’ve also done a follow up called Avoid Eye Contact II that I haven’t seen yet. Fun watching and a good study. Available at

thanx for sharing the link. i didn’t know the guy’s work before watching this animation but he stunned me in a pleasant way.
a very hilarious piece, with many great ideas and with an own style.

i can imagine the work on the film going very steady forward, probably ideal to achieve in flash to put it on the web.
seems to fit perfectly into the current animation trend :slight_smile:

p.s. btw, welcome here, jk :slight_smile: