Completed my first toon in TBS 5.0!

The verdict - loved it! I upgraded from TBS 3.0 before starting my entry for the Fox/Aniboom holiday contest and am very glad that I did. Mainly compared to TBS 3.0, things just worked exactly the way they should. In 3.0, sometimes the scene planning tools seemed a little buggy and it was frustrating, so it was great to be able to employ all of those tools with ease. The things that I particulary found helpful were the timeline audio scrubbing ability in scene planning mode and the easily switchable pre-set workspaces. Also, I must again give thanks to the forum members here who helped me out of a few tight spots while working on the project. Rock on animating brothers and sisters!

If you get a chance (shameless self-promotion part), pls check out the cartoon I made at:


This was awesome! I love the characters!

J ;D

I enjoyed that, man, thanks!

The dream sequence was funny, with the overlapping voices including "no hanging parts…no hanging parts…"

Surprising ending, too! Bravo! Hope to see more!