Complete newbie needs help importing different poses

After dabbling in Flash here and there over the last few years, I recently made the jump to ToonBoom Harmony, but I seem to be dumb and can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong here.

So, to get a base knowledge in the software, one of my first projects is simply going to be stop motion-y kind of animation. I drew 50 different poses for a character that I plan on just switching between throughout the course of the video and future videos.

I imported all .png files, let TB vectorize them, and adjusted them all so they line up. I then took each layer/pose and added them as templates in the library. My hope was to be able to just drag each new pose into the timeline as needed. But when I try to put more than one in the same layer, it only shows the first template throughout the whole video. If I add a new layer for each template, it works okay, but I’d rather not have 50 layers of poses.

Is there any way to have multiple templates on the same layer? Or would that not make sense?

If it’s the latter, what would be the best course of action for having all 50 poses easily accessible?

You need to go into scripting and add tb_pose_copier. Then you open that, click on your template, and click UPD in pose copier. Then there will be a slider that will let you scrub through all the frames in the template and pate it to whatever your current frame is on (and you can then add a peg on top of the drawing layer to be able to control its location).

Alternatively if they are contained in one drawing layer you can add entire template on stage, delete all the frames except first and then press F5 to extend the exposure and use the drawing substitutions menu to select the drawing you want.