Compiling scenes/shots

I apologize if this an existing question; I don’t know how or what to search for. If so, please link me to the relevant thread.

I have Studio and Animate. The learning curve is approachable, but one thing I don’t understand is that Studio has a scene-selection feature that saves under one project file. Animate doesn’t.

So my question is basically, does anyone have any insight on how multiple shots and scenes are generally compiled and managed in Animate? Is it assumed that each shot or scene would be a separate project file and the exported clips would be gathered and edited on a 3rd party video editing program?

I understand the idea of making every shot or scene a symbol and throwing them all sequentially on the same timeline, but I’m wondering about extensive projects that are 15+ minutes in length.

Thankfully, Lilly explained it to us here.;action=display;threadid=1886

I always refer to it when I am at that stage of production, so I would bookmark it if I where you. Good luck and welcome to this side of the fence.