Compiling scenes on a single Animate Pro timeline

I’m just starting/learning SB Pro with a short piece, but even with a longer one, I know I’d like some of the scenes to be on the same Animate Pro timeline. So. Is there a way to make that happen? I’ve looked everywhere and watched tutorials and we’re all good, but that issue of being able to compile again is no where to be found. Do I have to convert all my scenes in SB to panels? Is it only panels that will stay ‘intact’? I rarely use symbols so although I can see that MIGHT be a way, it’s not a way I want to use. And even if I did, that seems a laborious route to get a scene into the same timeline. Please tell me I’m just missing something. :slight_smile:

Thanks, Lilly. That worked pretty well EXCEPT for a critical part: it gives me a bitmap animatic which loses ALL the power of the vector art and that’s - for me - TOTALLY the point. Is there another way? What’s the recommended workflow when you arrive at Animate Pro? At this point, really, all I can imagine is turning each scene into a symbol and then compiling them on the time line OR compositing each scene. Anyway, I appreciate your help. (BTW, did you ever launch Storyboard Webinars?) Thanks!!

That’s what I did while I was waiting for an answer. It’s far from efficient and takes way more time than I’d like, but … at least it works! Thanks, Lilly. And yes, PLEASE ask for that feature. At least for the way I animate, it would make SB Pro much more valuable. That said, as long as I’m working just in Storyboard, it’s great and wonderful and grand and all that.

Are you on the new Service Pack of Storyboard Pro 2?

If you go to the Preferences, and in General, “Enable Acts”, then you can create Acts which are a container for scenes. So this could be like a sequence. Then, you can break multiple scenes up into an Act. When you do your Export to Toon Boom, then you can choose Rendered Animatic instead of Original Scenes, then you can do Generate One Scene per Act.

Hope this helps.


At the moment that’s the only way. Otherwise you could create template files out of the scenes and combine them together into one master scene from within Animate.

I can submit that as a feature request, to be able to export from Acts using the original scene data.

The webinars idea was well-received, but we’re working on having a proper facility to be able to broadcast it effectively, so at this point it’s kind of a logistics issue. But we do have an intention of having it happen at some point.