Compatible Scanner for Toon Boom Studio Express V3!?

Hi! I was interested in scanning sketches or hand made pencil drawings into Toon Boom. I enjoy using Toon Boom and I feel a scanner might increase my productivity flow! I do not have a scanner yet though and I am unsure of the right type of scanner to purchase. I want to be sure that the scanner is compatible with Toon Boom but all I know about scanning in Toon Boom is what I read in the help file which is that you need a scanner with a TWAIN driver. If someone could point me out to a good basic scanner that will work with Toon Boom Studio Express I would appreciate the help.

P.S.- I am interested in combination printer/scanners too because frankly I could use a new printer as well!

I can’t give you specific advice as I don’t use Xpress. But you need to be sure that Xpress includes a scanner interface. So read your documentation. If it does that’s great and almost any combo HP printer scanner will get you a cheap input source. If you have a video camera particularly one with a USB or Firewire interface you may be able to use that.

This approach can work for you even if Xpress doesn’t support a scanner because it produces importable bitmap graphics files.-JK

TGRS…thanks for the reply! Toon Boom Express definitely supports scanning! Says so in the documentation! All I know is that the scanner must support TWAIN! I definitely want the scanner I buy to be fast and accurate! There are alot of scanners to choose from though and I am unsure of which one to buy! TGRS…you would recommend a HP scanner/printer as the best in terms of quality, reliability and features?

P.S.- I would prefer to buy a more cost effective scanner if possible!

A combo HP printer scanner costs around $100 and will do all you want. You can spend a lot more but at $100 it will last for years. It isn’t professional quality, but you aren’t going to need that quality of a scanner for a couple of years unless you are going to be very successful with your work and in that case you will be moving up to better equipment and software anyway. The DV camera route is better than scanning when you really get serious. So much faster and more flexible. We actually added a Forox compound table to our pencil test stand since that web site post. So it is now a full blown classical animation stand feeding digital output. Way more than you need, but the DV camera instead of a scanner is still worth using when you get to the next level. -JK

i’ve got a pretty cheap canon scanner canoscan 4200f and it works well with me :slight_smile:
it has a good resolution up to 3200 x 6400 and i doesn’t fail me for an year already.

TGRS…I found a combination printer/scanner/copier made by HP! The model is Hewlett Packard PSC 1110 and it costs about a $100; but I do not know if the scanner supports TWAIN! Also I am afraid the scanner might be a lil too mediocre at this price! Sounds too good to be true :o! Gester…the model you suggested the Canon CanoScan 4200F Flatbed Scanner seemed to have superior product reviews! It also costs about $100 but I am unsure whether or not it supports TWAIN! Anyway I will be doing more research on this matter today. Hopefully I will find something decent!

Most scanner work using TWAIN it is the Industry standard for image capture. All of the Cannon or HP devices will comply to Industry standards so you would be fine. Both companies are very good so it is really a personal preference. You did say you wanted a combo product (printer /scanner) -JK

Umm…I changed the output type to 1 bit so I get just a Black and White scan and now the pencil drawings are much more clear! However the size of subsequent scans are not the same! How can I correct this problem? Hopefully I will figure out how to solve this on my own. Hmm…

What kind of pencil are you using? There are some possibilities you can explore. A softer lead 4B - 6B usually is darker although the lines aren’t a sharp as a 2B or you might try a “red” pencil, red really scans dark almost black. Of course the best solution would be to go to ink but that’s a lot more work. Any way we are glad to hear you are making such good progress. -JK