Compatible Cameras: Video and Still

Is there a list of known compatible cameras for TBS 5? Can we help contribute as to what cameras do in deed work for aquiring Capture Device? If you know a camera does work, please post it here.

Just got word from ToonBoom that the Canon Rebel EOS Xsi (SLR only–not the one that captures movies) is compatible.

After a couple weeks later, I’m still working with Support, trying to get any camera to work. They said that the Canon Xsi (older version, without video) works. It has yet to work… :-[ :’(

Webcams are the best way to go for image capture in Studio. Studio supports the use of DirectDraw, and most still cameras do not come with DirectDraw drivers. It’s best to use webcams when using this feature.

I broke down and purchased an HP Webcam Pro (2mp) for $45. Logitech seems to work as well. For Mac users, if the webcam is UVC and 2.0 USB, it will work, even though the packaging may not say so. Check out this site:

I’ve been through this, too. I have a cheapo Logitech web-camera (came free with hi-speed internet). It works great, so long as I’m careful with the lighting.

None of the digital SLR cameras that I’ve tried (Nikon, Cannon, Olympus) worked. In hindsight, that was obvious - if the image wasn’t displaying on the LCD, then it couldn’t be piped in.

I tried a couple of the low-end hand-held cameras by JVC, Sony and Flip(?). I couldn’t get them to work because of issues with Windows. I ended up switching to a Mac and just getting better lighting for the Logitech.

On the Canon xsi you can see the image through the LCD screen via Live View; however, it still won’t work…

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