Compatibility of Animate, Animate Pro, and Harmony??

Hi All

I just want to know if files created in Animate and Animate Pro are compatible with each other. Would one have any problems opening and working on/altering files in one program that were created in the other?

And also, is either program compatible with Harmony and vica versa?

Thanks a lot.

Animate and Animate Pro are if you don’t use Animate Pro only features.

Harmony files can’t be opened in Animate, i believe you can open Animate files in Harmony (although it may be a one time conversion upon purchase I can’t remember)


BTW, what are the Pro only features? Looking over the product descriptions can be a bit confusing. Realistically, would one run into problems trying to work between programs? Thanks again :slight_smile: .

effects,network view and morphing are big differences.

I wouldn’t want to be relying on moving things back from Pro to standard.

I have not encountered any problems going from TBA>TBAP but I have had a few issues going from TBAP>TBA. Mostly to do with groups and layer order getting mixed up. Its usually a good idea to remove groups before you open a TBAP file in TBA.

As for Harmony I heard it is not compatible and you have to send your files to TB and have them convert the files for you. Sounds like a major pain in the ass lol.

It’s really not that bad. When you upgrade to Harmony TB offers to convert all your old Animate files to be compatible. They give you an upload link and in a day or so they send you a link to your converted files. It’s quick and quite painless!