compatability windows 10 and ToonBoom Studio version 4.5

Hi there, does anyone know if windows 10 is compatable with ToonBoom Studio version 4.5?


I run it on 2 windows 10 PC’s my home PC and work PC. On my work PC it works fine on my home PC it has some real odd quirks, if you don’t run it as administrator it wont let you save your work, also you cannot run the program Maximised, only in a window. This was no really a big problem as long as I didn’t forget to run it as admin, but as of yesterday I bought a Wacom Intuos Pro and now toon boom 4.5 doesn’t work, every time you try to open any drop down menu it freezes and never recovers. If I remove the Wacom drivers it works again but this is disappointing as the tablet is a £300 piece of kit and I want to use it.

Also my Home PC is the best PC, Ryzen 7, 16Gb DDR, GTX 980… yet it renders slowest of all, I have even run it on a windows 8 micro PC with 4Gb ram and dedicated intel graphics and this £200 mini PC renders 10x faster than my £1k+ desktop. Its all very frustrating… I trialed a copy of TB Harmony and that works fine.

Long story short, maybe it will maybe it wont.