Compared to harmony, Camera controls on SBPRO are complicated and more limited

Since switching from animation to storyboarding, I’ve noticed that SBpro’s camera system, while less advanced, feels less intuitive compared to Harmony.

Is there a reason why every camera movement is automatically tweened? Sometimes, I’m just blocking cameras without needing movement, and the process of going into the graphic to click on the stop-motion keyframe button feels quite cumbersome. Additionally, if I edit the camera on the timeline again, it reverts to tween, which can be frustrating.

Could there be a simpler way, perhaps with a visual timeline interface option, to turn on/off tweens as in Harmony? Also, automatically selecting the camera key where the cursor is located would save time and prevent unintentional edits at different points on the timeline.

The departure from the Harmony system seems to make the process less efficient. Why not stick with something that already works well?

I’ve noticed some similarities with Adobe Premiere’s timeline, but Harmony’s keyframe editing surpasses it. Aligning SBpro’s system more closely with Harmony would enhance the overall user experience.

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