compare toon boom animation to anime studio 9

I am a beginner animator and am wondering about the comparison between toon boom animation program to anime studio p? and can a photo be imported to toon boom animation/

My advice try the PLE

Personally I think Animate family is far better, but also more expensive.

Yes you can import a photo or any image you want.

Maybe he wants Crazy Talk?

thank you for your reply. did you mean toon boom animate??

What kind of animation are you interested in doing? Anime Studio and TB Animate are both great applications, and although they share certain capabilities, each approaches animation from a different perspective and has specific strengths.

For example, TB Animate excels in traditional frame-by-frame animation, whereas Anime Studio is especially good for cut-out puppet-style animation using bones but cannot easily do frame-by-frame. Generally speaking, Anime Studio might be a better option for you as a beginner to get a feel for animation and get some quick results. It’s a lot of fun. TB Animate tends to require more drawing and the learning curve is steeper than AS. But if you like to draw a lot, then Animate might be a better option.

Finally, how much can you afford to spend? There is a big difference in cost between the two programs. Of course, you could always consider Anime Studio Debut and Toon Boom Studio as less expensive alternatives.

What about toon boom studio and/or toon boom animate?
Animate animate pro?

Toon boom animate or pro?

If your just starting out and all you want to do is basically import pictures and animate them the perhaps Crazy Talk would be a better fit. Once you want to step up and do more professional type work then you might want to step up to Animate or Harmony.

Ease of use is a relative term. It is easier to learn software that has a very deep learning curve that is well documented and has a wealth of training resources then trying to learn software that has a shallow learning curve but is devoid of documentation and has few or little training resources. I have to say that in regards to this Anime Studio has a wealth of training resources. Learning one software well will carry over to learning similar software in regards to knowledge but not necessarily function. Each software will bury their functions is different places and once you know where the equivalent pieces are then the transfer is possible. This is the principle of tutorial books that are written in non-software centric form.

ok, what’s the difference between frame by frame animation (what is this?) and cut-out animation? sorry I am a newbie.

If you need to ask questions such as this then I would probably say that Toonboom Studio would be where you need to be. :o

Frame by frame is where the artist draws individual drawings of the animated movement, just like you’d see in a strip of film that is done with a movie camera–one exposure per frame. Usually artists can get by with drawing one drawing per every two frames just to save time.

Cut-out is where the character is broken down into the various parts–torso, hips, head, limbs, eyes, mouth, etc.–and then each part is moved individually or in conjunction with other parts. It’s like digital puppetry. This is much faster to do but has its limitations.

Toon Boom is the industry standard. Look at Toon Boom Animate, though; not Toon Boom Studio.

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TBS is their cheap version, and I believe Anime Studio outperforms it for a lower cost.

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Sorry, I have almost nothing of experience on Toon Boom. My advice is to take in count the previous advices.As someone new to animation I have downloaded the trial versions of both AnimeDebut and ToonBoom Studio.

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I found both applications hard to get to grips with as experience with drawing packages has to be un-learnt.

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