Animate is described on Toonboom’s home page as "The Most Reliable Flash Animator’s Companion."

I’ve never used Flash, heard a rumor Flash had been discontinued, and wonder if Animate is a stand alone program or a supplement to Flash.

In what ways are Animate and Flash different?

thank you,

P. Boone

It is stand alone. It is there effort to get into the flash market.

It is better for drawing and animation than flash, but lacks the web interactivty.

Some people do art in Animate and then add the interaction in flash (thus companion).


thank you for your reply. I’m glad to hear Animate is a stand alone program.

No way I’d want to buy it if it was inferior to Flash and/or I had to buy Flash too to make use of it.

I don’t use flash, but I also don’t output my Animate work to flash (swf) format. I just make video files.

You can download the PLE version to give it a go.

I have downloaded PLE, but I’m not getting anywhere fast. Certainly not far enough to have considered output file formats.

I was hoping that Animate, having morphing ability, would take a lot of the work out of animation for me, since I have problems using my hands to draw. So far I’m not doing very well trying to morph.

I’ve about decided I simply need to create my stories and characters with simple watercolor illustrations, and if I ever do anything worthy, I would then need to hire someone to create animation for me.


storyboard might be a better product for you then.

If you want to get into it watch the video tutorials.


I took half your suggestion, looked through some of the ‘how to use Animate’ tutorials and decided to upgrade to Animate.

These tutorials are great. They seem much better than the learning tuts available when I first tried to learn Studio.

Thanks to those who created them!

I agree the new videos are great. When I started making videos there was nothing, now there are so many great resource :smiley:

I try to do stuff that compliment them now because they have the basics covered for everything.

Glad you are enjoying it. If you have any questions feel free to post it.