Common Importer problems

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Here are some common issues that are related to TBSi importer for Flash.

Unable to import elements in Flash even if TBSi is installed:
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If the following solutions did not solve your problem make sure to send a message and we will work our best to solve your problem as soon as possible.

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Just want to say this is the most helpful forum ive ever come across and have also always found the regular forum contributors to be extremely helpful - JK, Rob, Nolan etc… Ive never had to post a question…

Now that Im trying to utilize Flash to turn my TBS animations into webgames Im in need of some advice.

OK - I recently got Flash 8, Ive downloaded the importer (and copied it to the correct location) and Im trying to open my TBS projects in Flash, yet Flash doesnt recognize my TBS projects.

When looking through the various tutorials I noticed that when you are in Flash you select File, Import - and then get a dialogue box where you can select TBS projects. When I open File, Import it just gives me the option to open “external library … control+shift+O”. I can obviously open up the various flash files but cannot select files with the .tbs extension.

- I then scanned the forum and the only bit of information relates to comments regarding ‘common importer problems’… I followed those instructions → Opened ‘control panel’ and selected changing “Region and Language Option”. I found “Standards and formats” and went to change to unicode but it only allowed me to choose… another language (ie english, zulu… but no unicode). So this unfortunately didnt help…

I am slightly tech retarded so any advice would be greatly appreciated. Also - Ive never used Flash! This is my attempt at turning some TBS animations into interactive games)

Always a fan of Toonboom!


You say nice things about us and you always get faster service around here…I’m just kidding.

When you go to import your TBS content into Flash use the Import to Stage menu selection. When the explorer dialog panel opens there is a drop down selection box at the bottom of the panel labeled “file types” select the TBS file type and you will be able to import your TBS content. If the TBS file type Toon Boom Studio (*.TBP) is not presented as a choice then you haven’t got the TBSi importer installed correctly. Always glad to help… ask more if you need additional assistance -JK

Ha Ha! Thanks JK -

Thats pretty much solved it…

Ill spend the rest of the night (its about 9.30pm here on the east coast of Australia) learning to move around the beast that is flash.

Thanks again for your quick response…


I have TBS v2.0.
It came with a zip that includes the importer plugin for Flash but I can’t find the instructions for how to actually install it in Flash.


You would need to drop the importer file structure inside of your Flash importer folder.

This being said the Importer for 2.0 may only work with Flash 6 or 7 since that was most likely the version at the time. Our latest importer do work with later version of Flash though they would most likely need to run with newer versions of the software.

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