comments on this as a possible tutorial

I have had a couple of requests for glow tutorials and morphing tutorials

What do you think of as some light sabers/glow sticks. 1. is just glow trails, 2. is me playing changing the colour 3+4. Are what i consider the traditional trail. Comments welcome before i make the tutorial in case people think it is terrible or i should add xx.

I have personal reasons for saying do it, but I think a tutorial like this will open the door to other lighting effects as well.

plus the one with the trail has some morphing which I think everyone likes to see.

I guess I better do it today while I have some quiet around the house.

I think it’s a great move! I’ve produced a similar trail of effect by just adding substitutions to the saber, and animating them as necessary. I have no idea how to use Toon Booms morphing functions and I think this would be a great way to educate me and others. I look forward to viewing your tutorial.

just you can use subs and just draw them yourself but I am just too lazy :smiley:

It is a great workflow timesaver.

I am uploading now.

My first attempt failed miserably. I think I got all confused with those extra layers. I am going to try it again tonight. This tutorial is very very well done, personally I think its your best one to date. I like how you explained the properties first.

Thanks Alex. I feel I am getting more confident and I have started to understand better what is popular. From what I gather people want to see things that are a little more advanced and already know how to use Animate by the time they find my tutorials.

However if my tutorial confused you to the point of failing miserably maybe it wasn’t that good. Let me know if you fail again (the third section is actually easier than the second section IMO but I wanted to show how you could animate different values of the effects cause it is a common question)

I think my next effects type tutorial I need to do in standard Animate. Please let me know how you go because if you feel part of it is hard (cause of the pro v standard situation) i will do an add on for setting it up in standard. I was hoping the visual of the layers would be enougth (since you just need to make it look the same but not worry about network view).

I really would love to see pro be able to add effects the standard way as well as network view cause the standard way is so much faster.