Combining Tone and Highlight - problem - H Adv

I have a character and want to add a Tone and a Highlight so I add both Effects to that image.
When I add one effects it works fine but when I add the other one its “jumps” below the character layer in the timeline so I cant see it.
Any one who know what the problems could be?
/ Mattias
Harmony Adv

If I remember correctly, from my time with “Animate” now called “Harmony Advanced”.
Let say you applied first the “Highlight” effect.
Add the “Tone” effect.
Collapse the “Highlight” effect.
Then drag the “Tone” effect on top of the “Highlight” effect.
(Make the “Tone” a child of the “Highlight”)
Render your view.

Should you ever consider upgrading to Premium ?
Here is the Network View:

Here is the result:

Thanks, that did it.
I thought I had tested all possibilities but obviously not this.

Yes, upgrading to Premium would of course give me more features and effects but I feel that what Advanced have works with how I use it. I have other software that could do these others things. And its more expensive too.