Combining palettes

I have this problem which I hope there is a simple solution for. I do my design work in Xara Xtreme, that’s where I create my characters, scenes and props. I then export as PDFs and import into TBS. Each time I import it creates a new palette with the default name, “PDF importer.” For my first project I ended up with lots and lots of palettes for each time I imported a PDF. They all had similar names so I was at a loss to try and figure out what linked to what.

So, I got smart and each time I imported something, I’d name the palette a corresponding name. But my problem is this, I keep creating new additions to my characters and importing them and each time, there’s another palette. I try deleting the palette and everything goes red. So then, I have to select and fill each part and line from my standard palette for that character. Not only that, but if any of the parts overlap there are gaps in the coloring. It’s rather time consuming!

So my question is this, is there an easier way? Can I somehow tell TBS that this newly imported file is linked to X palette?