combining clips & putting on DVD

I have a bunch of QUICKTIME cartoons that I made with TBS. I was wondering if anybody could recomend software to combine the clips into ONE long QUICKTIME clip.
Also I was also wondering about software to put the clips on DVD so MOST or ALL people’s DVD players could play it.

I am willing to pay at least 50$ a piece for individual programs or 100$ for one that can do both.

Quicktime Pro ($30) will allow you to stitch all your QT clips into one long movie. Toast ($80 after rebate) or myDVD ($70) will allow you to burn to DVD.

If you’re on a Mac with a superdrive, you’ve got iMovie, which will allow you to group all your movies together and then export to iDVD, which will burn your disc. If you’re on a pc I’m sure there are a lot more options for you.


Thanks for the tip. I did some research on quicktime pro and it can also put quicktime videos on cell phones. ;D ;D ;D

But if you use Quicktime Pro today won’t you be subjected to the problem with Versions above 7.3.1 described above in the top thread?

Also did anybody ever tried ULEAD software? At one time this was recommended as the best for TBS.